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The pdf below (Installing-R-Oct-30-2016.pdf) is an update of the installing R tutorial given in R install.   Note that R can also be used without installation if you have access to web-based Jupyter (see R-and-Jupyter).  Also R can be installed during the installation of Visual Studio Community (you can also visit this link for more information on R in Visual Studio).

After installing R as part of Visual Studio Community, you could then install RStudio and it will use the version of R provided by Visual Studio Community. You can then code R in RStudio without having to do a CRAN install (example of a CRAN install is given in the pdf below (Installing-R-Oct-30-2016.pdf)).

Installing R using Visual Studio Community and Running Example Code using Rcmdr

March 2018

Nicholas Karlson

R can be installed as part of the Visual Studio Community (VSC) 2017 install.

After installing R via VSC 2017 a helpful R package called Rcmdr can be added.   It is easy to run R code using Rcmdr.  The screen captures in the pdf downloadable  below show installation of Rcmdr and then the use of Rcmdr to run the example code listed in the pdf and text file downloadable below.  Each step of the code was pasted into the R Script window of Rcmdr, then the code was selected (highlighted), and run (click on Submit button in Rcmdr while the code is selected). Note that it may take some time for your computer to run each step of code.  A text file containing the code is available along with this pdf (download from the links below).

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