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The Economy Report

The Rcoding.org USA and World Economy Report

Welcome to the Rcoding.org USA and World Economy Report (the Economy Report for short). Rcoding.org is a website that has basic information on the statistical programming language R which will be used to create thought provoking maps, graphs, and economic data analyses. Rcoding.org also has contact information and methods for communicating anonymous comments. The Economy Report will rely heavily on data and visualizations that use R and which will be made available for viewing on Kaggle.com.

If you find the reports on Kaggle.com helpful, please up vote them. When visiting Rcoding.org to communicate a message or comment, please note that not all communications can be addressed. Thanks for reading this and hopefully the information provided by the Economy Report will provide you a better understanding of the economy and important economic issues.


Nicholas Karlson, M.A., M.S., Ph.D.